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A space beyonds medicine cabinet, a place to learn how to build a solid wellbeing foundation, a portal to embraces and shines together. It's where created for neurodivergents by neurodivergents.
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Autism Spectrum Disorder is one thing; Autism Self-Acceptance and Neurodiverse Advocacy are another
of children and adults (approximately) are hidden, undiagnosed, or don't get helped
of women on spectrum get misdiagnosed or mistreated
Not only the gene, gut, and brain are connected, but also the heart, lymph, primo vascular system, and methylation are part of it
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where hears you.

Whether you or your loved ones are clinically diagnosed, self-diagnosed, or self-suspected spectrums, with the sea of information can be overwhelming. That often leads self help information ends up as shelf-help data.

Due to this reason, Folium By Noirstone is well crafted by a neurodivergent and here to bridge the gap with the fundamentals you need to know, so you can rebuild a solid foundation for neurological and mental well-beings along with a like-minded community together.
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We create the space you need

Be a Neurodiverse Confidence or Advocate for yourself and loved ones start from simple principles and a solid foundation.
Functional Nutrition
Understand you aren't just what you eat, but you're also how, when, and what you can absorb. You'll learn mapping the nutrition you need
Dietary & Meal Plan
Learn different bio-individual diet modalities and alternatives. Tool for your next meal plan with an ease.
Therapeutic Cannabis
Dive deep into women and kids' endocannabinoid system. Explore therapeutic canna-tools and alternatives for daily family uses
From traditional to modern; east to west; north to south; fresh to dry.......we explore most psychoneuroimmune healing herbs and essential oils together
Bioenergetic Medicines
Get to know neurodiverse mind anatomy, paired with mindful tools & meditations made for fidgety minds
Practitioner Developed
Curated information and system-oriented approaches by certified practitioner as well as neurodivergent
Resource Library
Curb your knowledge cravings with the library of recipe, nutritional facts, materia medica, and research papers
Easy-to-follow and in-depth mini topics to help your understand the deep down among your busy schedules
Done For You Handouts
Extracted information and lists to fit the bill or limited attention span.
Like-Minded soul tribe
Connect with other members, support, and share similar experiences.
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Curated For Neurodivergents By Neurodivergent

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Frequently Asked Questions

Please feel free to contact us if you have further doubts and worries

I haven't been diagnosed nor done any self Assessments, tho I suspect I'm on a spectrum, may I join?

Yes! You're welcome to join. Not all people on the spectrums meet the medical criteria and get proper diagnosis. That's one of the reasons we created this platform for people like you to connect, share, and learn together.

As you aren't sure if this community is right for you, we suggest you join Monthly Plan so that you can see if it's the right fit for you.

You can upgrade to Annual Plan once you're more comfortable and ready for annual plan benefits.

WILL I heal from autism, adhd, or anxiety once i complete the micro-courses and implement them in my life?

There is no a 100% guarantee as Autism Spectrums (Asperger's, ADHD, General Anxiety Disorder, and any other neurological conditions) are complex conditions.

The results depend on the person as we're all bio-individuals. However, we often see improvements after our clients and members implementing what they've learned into their daily livings.

why subscription based instead of individual course purchase?

There always are new information, researches, and studies in our field. Small tweaks or start-over changes might be needed frequently. *Subscription not only support us to continue our work from different sources into one place but also allow our members to get the most up-to-date informations without re-purchasing the full course again.

*Except courses for professional training

who i s n ' t  this member subscription for?

We avocate Fundamentals For Solid Foundations. This subscription is created for the busy neurodiverse families or individuals, and practitioners who seek like-minded community, easy-to-understand information, simple & actionable tools for their daily livings.

We cover both overlooked fundamentals and in-depth information in our micro-courses and resource library. Folium By Noirstone also remains a peaceful environment for our community to share insights.

All modalities and lifestyle tools require patience and implementations on daily basis. That said, this isn't a place for who seek fast results or competitions. Folium By Noirstone also has no tolerance for online bullying behavior.

do i get refund when the SUBSCRIPTION is cancelled HALFWAY through?

No. Unfortunately we do not offer refund if the subscription is canceled halfway through (either for monthly or annual plan). The best solution is cancel the renewal at the end of the billing cycle or join monthly plan to start with. Please contact our team by email if there's any questions on

Do mini courses include certification?

Not at the moment but it's something that we've been planning to work towards to. The mini courses are for community educational use only. Professional trainings for community consultants are still being curated. Hopefully, we'll be able to provide course completion certificates when the courses are released.