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Nicole Lui, FNLP
or known by her soul name -




How It Started

Psychoneuroimmune challenges
for over 30 years.

Noirstone's been through multiple so-called family run health challenges since birth.
The unanswered questions remained mysteries until the missing links between conventional medicine gaps
were found which kicked start her own healing journey.
Her intuitions, callings, dedications, and experiences (and later professionally trained career)
led her path on helping others who are on the similar journey.

Birth - Teens

Leaky Gut
Weight Loss Resistance
Hormone Imbalance
Eating Disorder
Childhood Adversity
Self Doubt


Grave's Disease Thyroidectomy
Chronic Pain
Rapid Aging
Lack In Energy

LATE 20s

Chronic Fatigue
Brain Fog
Childbirth Difficulties


Unlearn & Relearn
Dietary Reset
Lifestyle Reset
Mindset Shift
Out Of Spiritual Closet
Heal From The Roots
Simple Principles
Asperger's Diagnosis


Proud Neurodivergent
Reduced Chronic Pain
Healthier Skin
Weight Loss
Functioning Gut
Mental & Neuro Clarity
Better Energy
Reduced Anxiety

Formation as a lifestyle brand with
ancient wisdoms x modern science

She focused on less-toxic yet functional living
to bring consumers the awareness on safety and context behind products.
Rather than putting the lens only focused on "chemicals vs naturals",
she continued inspiring others to think deeper and
view things from different angles.
2019 - 2020
Reformation & Collectives

After working with numerous customers and private clients,
Noirstone realized they shared similar pain points and challenges on daily basis.

As she's been inspired by the holistic lifestyle and wellbeing philosophies from her multi-ethnic heritages,
she reformed .store into .club which fills the missing gaps in the conventional medicine realm by publishing bite-size reads on diving deep in diverse topics alongside collective experts with the same driven ambition.

Since then, becomes a Functional Lifestyle portal
that focuses on guiding urban neurodiverse families on their healing journey by self-empowerment and lifestyle micro-change.
Transformation & Beyond

Ecosystem For Neurodiverse Community

After Noirstone earned her practitioner credentials along with feedbacks from readers and colleagues,
she created a strength-oriented system approach that meets the needs of urban neurodiverse families with young kids
and practitioners who seek to work with neurodiverse individuals.

The system focuses on fundamentals or known as Simplify To Amplify.
It's dedicated to help the community remove the overwhelming information.
Instead, guides the community access the overlooked essential lifestyle tools, reconnect to their essence, and
connect with like-minded families in order to rebuild solid well-being foundations as a collective.
Ultimately, we’re here to inspire each other and show the world how we embody our own superpower.
Free bite-size articles, lists of selected lifestyle products, directories of Noirstone Approved destinations. It focuses on quick reads and searches on what neurodivergent needs when being alone or out-and-about.
folium by noirstone
Community-based educational portal that backed by science. It provides handouts, mini-courses, and information on topics surrounded Functional Nutrition, Therapeutic Cannabis, Herbalism, Special Dietary & Meal Plans, Aromatherapy, and Bioenergetic Medicines. A needed space for beautiful minds to learn and grow together.
noirstone apothecary
Online shop for Noirstone Essentials therapeutic products, practitioner grade nutraceuticals, lab tests, and 1:1 consultations with Noirstone.

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