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    The Modern Healer

I’m Noirstone or known as The Modern Healer. I’m an Inherited Medium, a Medicine Woman, a Certified Practitioner, and Founder of Noirstone.

I guide urban neurodiverse families (especially females) on their healing journey by seeing the missing links and bridging the gaps with lifestyle microchange and rebuild a solid welling foundation.

My drive to help outhers is due to my past exhaustion of complying with my mom’s depression, dad's undetectable and early signs of Dementia, I eventually got tired of battling to find therapeutic solutions for the list of my illnesses before I was able to help my kids find theirs :


Leaky Gut
Weight Loss Resistance
Hormone Imbalance
Eating Disorder
Childhood Adversity


Grave's Disease Thyroidectomy
Chronic Pain
Rapid Aging
Swollen Face
Lack In Energy

Late 20s

Chronic Fatigue
Brain Fog

Early 30s

Unlearn & Relearn
Dietary Reset
Lifestyle Reset
Mindset Shift
Out Of Spiritual Closet
Heal From The Roots
Simple Principles

Age 35

Reduced Chronic Pain
Healthier Skin
Reduced Puffiness
Functioning Gut
Reduced Brain Fog
Better Energy
Reduced Anxiety
(For me and kids)

Over 30 years prior to my self-healing journey, I struggled to find the answers to bring myself to health without having to worry about the endless list of side-effect from over-the-counter medications.

I grew tired of seeing more prescribed drugs and over-the-counter medications being pushed into the medicine cabinets of suffering, chronically ill patients who still found little to no relief.

As someone who has personally experienced the same devastation through challenging struggles of trial and error with my medication, I know what it feels like when our own powers are given away.

As Featured In

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The Collectives was created to fill the missing gaps in the conventional medicine realm alongside collective experts with the same driven ambition as mine.

It is a Functional Lifestyle portal that focuses on educating and transforming urban families' Neuroautoimmune healing journey by self-empowerment and lifestyle micro-change.

We handpick curated information, top notch therapeutic and lifestyle products, as well as the finest destinations to help harmonize body and mindfulness for the modern, busy you. Wherever you are you can Discover, Learn, and Experience with minimal restrictions and total convenience.


Noirstone Apothecary

"Give a man a fish, he eats for a day.
Teach a man how to fish, he eats for a lifetime."
Certification and Accreditation :
Functional Nutrition & Lifestyle Practitioner
Clinical Cannabinoid Medicine (AAFP-EC)
Bioindividual Pediatric Nutrition
Energy Medicine Practitioner (IICT)
Reiki Master/ Teacher (IICT)
Family Herbalist

Also Known As:
The Modern Healer
Neurodivergent Advocate

We Guide You With Suggestions, Not Just Prescription.
You might have left a practice with prescription but have never been told why and how things work. In Noirstone Apothecary, you will be able to get more in-depth and tailored made guidance, just for you.

My main goal is to reduce silent, chronic inflammation by educating with curated fundamentals and simple lifestyle tools. This information often gets overlooked on a daily basis. 

I firmly believe urban families deserve to be informed, embraced, and given access to the solutions they need. That said, this is a reclamation of your power. Let’s reshape and transform together by working on your:
Physical Wellbeing
Mental Health
Emotional Support
Energetic Bodies .....

Under Your Fingertips. Let's find out what we offer for consultation and in Noirstone Essentials.

My journey as the modern healer isn’t just for me— it’s also for you!


Essential is Simple.

Health Freedom Starts From Understandings
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