The ModernHealer
"When a plant's leaves are turning brown, you don't paint the leaves green.  
You look at the cause of the problem.  

If only we treated our bodies the same way. "

- Dr. Frank Lipman
Why Do You Think You Haven't Been Able To Get Solution On Your Own?

You've Been :
Pre-occupied with 50x tasks prior to your own wellbeing;
Feeling overwhelmed by the ocean of information;
Prescribed with medications without being educated or told about how your body functions;
Educated with researches and studies that are based on male biology and implementing the same protocols on yourself as a female.
Trying to fix and fit in the "norm" without truly knowing how to build a good foundation and stand up for your unique self;
Given your power away to that so-called magic pill or getaway, yet the quick fix brought you unsustainable results.
Given up on waiting in the long queue in the doctor/ practitioner's office.


5 Elements
7 Keys

Your Ultimate Wellbeing Foundation

A : Physical Body
DNA, Cells, Tissues, Nerves, Organs, Body Systems
B : Energetic Body
Heart Beats, Aura ( Bio-Magnetic Field)
C : Mental & Emotional Body
Thoughts, Emotions, Feelings, Fear, Likes or dislikes
D : Wisdom Body
Belief System, Self-Value, Inner Voice, Intuition, Intellect
E : Bliss Body
Being Nature Self

1. Environmental Inputs interact with your genes to create health or disease. This is the revolutionary concept of epigenetic. Your food choices, nutritional status, water, air, movements, trauma or adversity, psychosocial factors, environmental toxins, and radiation can influence your genes and wellbeing.
2. Digestive & Metabolic Health has become a prominent focus in this century. This is one of the cores between chronic illness and an imbalanced microbiome keep growing.
3. Detoxification is the science of how your body gets rid of waste. If waste builds up, you get sick, then the body’s capacity to detoxify gets diminished.
4. Hormones & Neurotransmitters are two kinds of small molecules that you depend on to keep you in balance and create a harmony with your biological rhythms
5. Immunity & Endocannabinoid Balance statues play a big role of chronic, smouldering fire inside the body which contributes to disease and weight gain. That also known as Chronic Inflammation
6. Mitochondria & Oxidative Stress affect you as a thriving person (or not). Mitochondria are your energy factories while oxidative stress, which are from toxic insults, infections, allergens, stress, and just eating too much poor quality food, is what often affect mitochondria functions.
7. Mind, Body, Mood are a single, yet dynamic bi-directional system. What you do to one has enormous impact on the other. What you do to your body you do to your brain.

What I Do
To Bridge The Gap

"Give a man a fish, he eats for a day.
Teach a man how to fish, he eats for a lifetime."

I believe acute care helps a man go through pain during a crisis, but functional care helps a man understand how to live his life.

Conventional lab results are the “result” from your dietary choices, lifestyle, mindset, and environmental factors. I go beyond the numbers on the paper. In Functional Lens, assessments and test results are correlative, not conclusive. I help you identify what your contributing factors are so that we can partner together to create an individualized health strategy to bring uniquely targeted diet and lifestyle modifications that shift the terrain.

My value is to help you understand how to live your life so that you can leave our care and apply what you’ve learned with your own power.

Certification and Accreditation :
Functional Nutrition & Lifestyle Practitioner
Clinical Cannabinoid Medicine (AAFP-EC)
Bioindividual Pediatric Nutrition
Energy Medicine Practitioner (IICT)
Reiki Master/ Teacher (IICT)
Family Herbalist

Also Known As:
The Modern Healer
Neurodivergent Advocate

My specialties are :
• Anxiety
• Gut & Digestive
• Female Healthy Aging
• Migraine

I don't : Diagnose disease
I do : Discuss and educate how to prevent or mitigate disease by nutritional, herbal, supplements, lifestyle, and mindset supports

I don't : Prescribe medications, medical cannabis, or provide cookie cutting protocols based on genome /genetic test results
I do : Look into building a stronger foundation and pillars, then discuss types of potential supplements, dosage, or types of cannabis that suits your body, environment, and lifestyle.

I don't : Tell you to calm the bleep down or force you meditate when you are going through anxiety
I do : Educate you how to identify your own type of anxiety, gain awareness of the cause and how to partner up with your anxiety, and remove physiological, mental, and emotional blockages

I don't : See you as a lazy useless person
I do : Help you partner up with your ADHD/ ASD self by understanding the underlying causes, lifestyle and mindset shifts so that you can embrace your potential and true self, add a glimpse of glow in your life

Functional Nutrition

Functional Nutrition is a branch of Functional Medicine.
A cutting-edge science based and systems-oriented approach to help restore from chronic or family-run illnesses by individualized nutritional support and lifestyle changes.

It realizes not only your wellbeing is influenced by genes, your arm is connected to your shoulder, diagnosis, and the medication stuff in the cabinet, but also by Epigenetics.

In English means, the liver is connected to the brain, which is connected to the stomach, which is connected to how well you slept last night, how your body works with what you eat, which absorption connected to how your currently relationship with your loved ones, and your workaholic mind or procrastination connected to your methylation.

And that is just the beginning of the inter-connections.

Cannabis Therapeutics

Mindful Cannabis is a cellular therapeutic care. Its most active constituents have potential therapeutic effects and profound influence on the human body and mind.

Its therapeutic potentials in practically most human disease states is improve the tone of your endocannabinoid system which, we have since birth, is an important part of your capacity to adapt to stress and restore balance at a cellular level, which is also known as Homeostasis.

Cannabis has been misidentified as a psychotropic substance for long period of time, till recently more studies show or even implement the therapeutic potentials into both medical and wellness healing protocols.

Consume cannabis in a mindful way can enhance internal balance physically, mentally, and emotionally  without experiencing psychotropic effects.

Ancient Wisdoms + Modern Science

Energy Healing, also known as Energy Medicine, is a collection of mind-body approaches for understanding and improving human functioning.

It focuses on the relationship between thoughts, emotions, sensations, behaviors, and bioenergy systems (such as primo vascular system or known as meridians, and the biofield).

This mind-body-energy system involves complex communication in neurobiological processes, innate electrophysiology, psychoneuroimmunology, consciousness, and cognitive-behavioral-emotional patterns.

The use of these healings results in improvements of supporting psychological and emotional problems, facilitate health and wellbeing, and improve human performance.


How It Works

Restore & Revival

To explore initial results, create an individualized wellbeing plan for you which then monitor your case, keep you accountable and educate you so that you can ultimately shift your life with lifetime tool.

Initial Evaluation

45 - 60 mins of initial assessment engage in a conversation to find out more about you, your family history, lifestyle, environment to build your in-depth health profile.


Once you decide the best suited package or À la Carte (single) session, schedule your spot for an initial evaluation or single appointment.


5 Elements Restoration

Build solid foundation in 5 areas :
Physical, Mental, Emotional, Energetic, Spiritual

All Sessions Can Be Done Remotely/ Virtually
( Limited Spots | In Both English & Cantonese | All Prices In USD)

Functional Nutrition & Lifestyle

General Data Review

Functional Nutrition & Lifestyle Initial Consultation

Cannabis & Aromatherapy Consultation

Grocery & Cabinet Clean Up Tour

Follow Up

$250/ 30 mins

$580/ 2 sessions

$300/ hr



A quick review of your existing test and data results

An extensive assessments to create & review your wellbeing profile

Educate and suggest the types of cannabis, terpenes, or essential oil that works best for you
Advise alternatives for your existing products in the kitchen, personal care, household, office pantry cabinet

For the clients who have consulted with me previously

Energy Healing

General Energy Cleanse

Anxiety & Emotional Injury Recovery

Anxiety & Emotional Emergency

$100/30 mins



Remove energetic blockages

Investigate causes, remove energetic and emotional blockages
Reduce anxiety and emotional attack in urgent

Book Inquiry
Corporate/ School/ Group/ Custom Enhancement Workshop

Specialty Nutritional Plan
Optimize Gut-Brain function
Pantry/ kitchen reset
Understand eating habit & preferences of ADHD/ ASD/ Female Imbalanced individuals

Cannabis Safety
Educate HR, Staff, School Administration, Students For potential needs and safety

Anxiety & Emotional First Aid
Anxiety & stress management
Maintain homeostasis
Emotional emergency

Best For
Business and education system reform better approach to physical and mental wellbeing.
From One day to on-going series.


Book Inquiry
Feel free to contact us if you have any questions or ideas. We will be glad to help and let you know which service or package suits your body needs.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who are or aren't the sessions for?

All consultation sessions are dedicated to who are ready for life changes and education with fundamental knowledge and wisdoms. The goal isn't only relieving the uncomfortable symptoms but also here to educate individual how to build a stronger foundation in order to achieve their health goal and be ready to face upcoming life challenge without uncertainty.

These aren't made for who seeks for diagnosis, quick fix, hype chasing, or isn't ready to invest the time nor being open to new approaches for life changes.

Why are the sessions availability limited?

When it comes to help supporting individuals, especially female or identified as female with Hormone Imbalance, ADHD, ASD, Anxiety, or potential Depression, it's vital to keep a close practitioner-client communication. The process does require more time and close observations, limited availability allows me to provide quality supports.

Do you consider family as one individual unit or group workshop?

Although you come from the same family, however, each of your body system works as bio-individuality. In this situation, I see each person as one individual case, however if you live under the same roof, some of the sessions such as cabinet or environment clean up would be overlapped. This way we create do a custom package to match you and your family's needs.

Why do Functional Nutrition, Cannabis, or Aromatherapy Consultation cost more than usual healthcare?

This is one of the biggest misconceptions about functional medicine, functional nutrition, and cannabis and aromatherapy consultation. It's primarily because of the commercial approached market and we’ve been conditioned to expect free healthcare or insurance to pay for all costs, or the lower price the better. In results, we have unwittingly slipped away the control of our wellness over to the lowest bar - at the expense of our own health (end up as sick-care).

In reality, well trained Aromatherapy, Herbalism, Functional Nutrition, and Medical Cannabis realms are the most affordable form of healthcare, especially when you consider to more money in your lifetime in the allopathic/ conventional model managing a disease or illness without ever truly healing.

Some forward-thinking insurance companies and governments are now running pilot-projects to both patients and healthcare systems using a functional nutrition or medical cannabis model, while at the same time helping participants achieve increased positive health outcomes, so we look forward to seeing the growth of support by the insurance companies or governing bodies in near future.

Sometimes the true cost isn’t just measured in dollars and cents, and just because something is covered by your free healthcare system or insurance company does not make it cheaper.

Do you have money back guaranty or cancellation refund?

For À la Carte (single) session : All cancellation notice should be given at least 24 hours before the appointment or no refund will be made.

For Packages : If client enrolled and has started the first part may be refunded 80% of package price within the first 7 days of the assigning date. There are no refunds after 7 days of package assignment as all tools and availability is reversed for your package.

We suggest starting with a free discovery call (video chat or email) to find out if our consultations work for you before signing up this life changing commitment.

Is it backed by insurance?

We don't directly partner with insurance company. What we can do is to provide receipt so that you can claim your payment from your insurance plan. For further information, you may consult with your insurance plan agent.

Do you have any discounts or other payment plan?

We offer discounts to returned clients as well as payment plan to who seeks financial support. Please contact us and we'll see how we can work this together.

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