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If you think you've tried everything, think again.

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Not Just about WhaT  but WHY, How & WHEN You Plant Yourself.

"When a plant's leaves are turning brown, you don't paint the leaves green.  You look at the cause of the problem.  If only we treated our bodies the same way. - Dr. Frank Lipman"

When we live in a fast paced lifestyle, we often seek acute care for rapid results to fit the bill. Acute care acts like bandage that helps you go through pain during a crisis, but functional care is what helps understand how to live your life so that you can heal from the roots.

One of the common reasons this community still struggles isn't about WHAT you've been consuming or doing, but about finding the WHY, the HOW TO, and the WHEN TO . If you or your loved ones have been suffering symptoms as in the picture, I invite you to take a step into a new world of possibility where allows you to find out the root causes of "diseases", start implementing a set of bespoke systems-oriented tools to take charge of your own wellbeing.

YOU need bioindividualized guidance

"Give a man a fish, he eats for a day.
Teach a man how to fish, he eats for a lifetime."
Autism Spectrum Disorders related symptoms :
Brain Fog
Skin Issues
Digestion & Weight Issues
Neurodiverse Female Stigma
Neurodiverse Parenting Adversity
Rotten Perceptions & Perspectives
The dos & don'ts
Don't: Diagnose disease
Do: Discuss preventions and mitigation by bioindividualized nutrition, herbal, Traditional Chinese Medicine framework, lifestyle, and mindset supports

Don't : Prescribe medications, medical cannabis, or provide cookie cutting protocols purely based on genome /genetic test results
Do : Help build a solid foundation start by investigating the causations & correlations based on your wellbeing matrix (360 degrees health profile).

Don't : Suppress your conditions by telling you calm the bleep down, focus, or force you to sit still.
Do : Guide you learn how to identify your own type of fidgety/ anxious mind, understanding the underlying root causes (or correlations), how to partner with your conditions without fear, remove physiological, mental, and emotional blockages, so that you can embrace your potentials and true self. Way to add a glimpse of glow in your life.
In "Functional Lens", assessments and test results are correlative, not conclusive. I help you identify what your contributing factors are so that we can partner together to create an individualized health strategy to bring uniquely targeted diet and lifestyle modifications that shift the terrain.

My value is to help you understand how to stand up for your life as a practitioner, a parent of household on spectrums, and an Aspie Woman as first person. So that you can leave our care and apply what you’ve learned with your own power.

- Noirstone,FNLP
Certification and Accreditation :
Functional Nutrition & Lifestyle Practitioner (FNLP)
Clinical Cannabinoid Medicine (AAFP-EC)
Bioindividual Pediatric Nutrition
Energy Medicine Practitioner (IICT)
Reiki Master/ Teacher (IICT)
Family Herbalist

Also Known As :
Inherited Soul Medium & Medicine Woman
Neurodivergent Advocate
Available Through :


Case Overview & Testimonial
Client Case
ADHD | Brain Fog | Unable To Complete Projects | Weight Loss Resistance | Low Energy Sleep Difficulties | Fidgety | Self Sabotage | Constant Panic Attacks
Reformation & Transformation
Total Time : 22 months
Methods: Genetic + Lifestyle Analysis | Root Causes + Correlation Investigation | Bioindividualized Dietary | Herbal, Cannabis, and Lifestyle Tool Support | Gut + Brain + Heart Alignments | Energy Healing | Soul Journey
Results :
ADHD Confidence
Weight Loss 108 lbs
Mental Clarity
Anxiety & Panic Attack Reduced
Reduced Withdrawal Symptoms On Forgetting Meds
Self Awareness
Better Stress & Pain Management
New Perception & Perspectives Toward Life
Better Work Performance
Better Relationships
Elliott Polk
Principal Software Engineer
Father Of Two
Noirstone Apothecary 1:1 Client
“I'm happy with the results. I'm now an ADHD Confidence, able to self regulate anxiety, and utilize my ADHD superpower in the workplace. My both personal and professional lives have been improved tremendously.”


Build solid foundation in 5 areas :
Physical, Mental, Emotional, Bioenergetic, Spiritual
All sessions are done virtually or remotely

( Limited Spots | In Both English & Cantonese | All Prices In USD)

1. Booking
Once you decide the best suited package or À la Carte (single) session, schedule your spot for an initial evaluation or single appointment.
2. Initial Evaluation
45 - 60 mins of initial assessment engage in a conversation to find out more about you, your family history, lifestyle, environment to build your in-depth health profile.
3. Restore & Revival
To explore initial results, create an individualized wellbeing plan for you which then monitor your case, keep you accountable and educate you so that you can ultimately shift your life with lifetime tool.


Functional Nutrition & Lifestyle
General Data Review
$250/ 30 mins
A quick review of your existing test results
Functional Nutrition & Lifestyle
Initial Consultation
$580/ 2 sessions
An extensive assessments & review your wellbeing profile
Cannabis, TCM Herbs,
Aromatherapy Consultation
$200/ hr
Educate and suggest the types of cannabis, terpenes, Traditional Chinese Medicine herbs, or essential oil that works best for you
Grocery & Cabinet Clean Up Tour
$200/ hr
Advise alternatives for your existing products in the kitchen, personal care, household, office pantry cabinet
$180/ hr
For the clients who have previously consulted with me


Corporate/ School/ Group/ Custom Enhancement Workshop
Specialty Nutritional Plan
Optimize Gut-Brain function
Pantry/ kitchen reset
Understand eating habit & preferences of ADHD/ ASD/ Female Imbalanced individuals
Cannabis & Herb Safety
Educate HR, Staff, School Administration, Students For potential needs and safety
Anxiety & Emotional First Aid
Anxiety & stress management
Maintain homeostasis
Emotional emergency
Business and education system reform better approach to physical and mental wellbeing.
From One day to on-going series.


select an option:


Who are or aren't the sessions for?
All consultation sessions are dedicated to who are ready for life changes and education with fundamental knowledge and wisdoms. The goal isn't only releasing the uncomfortable symptoms but also here to help individuals learn how to build a stronger foundation in order to achieve their psychoneuro wellbeing goal and be ready to face upcoming life challenge without uncertainty.

These aren't made for who seeks for diagnosis, quick fix, hype chasing, or isn't ready to invest the time nor being open to new approaches for life changes.
Why are the sessions availability limited?
When it comes to help supporting individuals, especially female or identified as female with Hormone Imbalance, ADHD, ASD, Anxiety, or potential Depression, it's vital to keep a close practitioner-client communication. The process does require more time and close observations, limited availability allows me to provide quality supports.
Do you consider family as one individual unit or group workshop?
Although you come from the same family, however, each of your body system works as bio-individuality. In this situation, I see each person as one individual case, however if you live under the same roof, some of the sessions such as cabinet or environment clean up would be overlapped. This way we create do a custom package to match you and your family's needs.


Why do Functional Nutrition, Cannabis, or Aromatherapy Consultation cost more than usual healthcare?
This is one of the biggest misconceptions about functional medicine, functional nutrition, and cannabis and aromatherapy consultation. It's primarily because of the commercial approached market and we’ve been conditioned to expect free healthcare or insurance to pay for all costs, or the lower price the better. In results, we have unwittingly slipped away the control of our wellness over to the lowest bar - at the expense of our own health (end up as sick-care).

In reality, well trained Aromatherapy, Herbalism, Functional Nutrition, and Medical Cannabis realms are the most affordable form of healthcare, especially when you consider to more money in your lifetime in the allopathic/ conventional model managing a disease or illness without ever truly healing.

Some forward-thinking insurance companies and governments are now running pilot-projects to both patients and healthcare systems using a functional nutrition or medical cannabis model, while at the same time helping participants achieve increased positive health outcomes, so we look forward to seeing the growth of support by the insurance companies or governing bodies in near future.

Sometimes the true cost isn’t just measured in dollars and cents, and just because something is covered by your free healthcare system or insurance company does not make it cheaper.
Is it backed by insurance?
We don't directly partner with insurance company. What we can do is to provide receipt so that you can claim your payment from your insurance plan. For further information, you may consult with your insurance plan agent prior to assessments.

Payment plan

Do you have any discounts or other payment plan?
We offer discounts to returned clients as well as payment plan to who seeks financial support. Please contact us and we'll see how we can work this together.
Do you have money back guaranty or cancellation refund?
For À la Carte (single) session : All cancellation notice should be given at least 24 hours before the appointment or no refund will be made.

For Packages : If client enrolled and has started the first part may be refunded 80% of package price within the first 7 days of the assigning date. There are no refunds after 7 days of package assignment as all tools and availability is reversed for your package.

We suggest starting with a free discovery call (video chat or email) to find out if our consultations work for you before signing up this life changing commitment.

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