Meditation, Shamanism, Aura Chakra, Acupuncture, Tapping, Reiki, Qi Gong, Breathwork, Gong Bath were once put under as Pseudoscience category or as hippie rituals.  Today, these ancient wisdoms have become the mainstream healing go to and they have never been buzzier.  

Complementary Medicine

Most advanced doctors, researchers, scientists, even Neuroscientists such as Tom Chi, Dr. Joe Dispenza, or Dr. Bruce Lipton have been “re-searching” (that is, looking again), taking apart, studying, and uncovering the science behind many of these ancient techniques.  Blowing away decades of scientific dogma and cultivate specific ways of how these techniques alter our mind, biochemistry, and physiology. They have been showing us human bodies are actually made out of similar substance and principles just like the universe, so with that said, we’re a mini-universe that connect to each other.

This healing approach is also known as Complementary Medicine or Energy Healing.  You may also see the raise of practicing Meditation and Gratitude are part of high performers and functional medicine daily rituals; more psychologists and practitioners adapt EFT techniques to help their patients.

Cliff Von Edge performed sound healing in Four Seasons Hotel Shanghai

Human Energy Field

Your body is hardware, while your mind and what’s happening inside your body are the software. The body that reflects in the mirror is made out of 50 trillion cells, along with thousands of microbiome living in not only the gut but also organs and skin. If we look closer, what makes up the cells are atoms.

Dr. Bruce Lipton: The cells are the living entities, so you are a community and not a single person, your mind is a government of 50 trillion cells. 

Every atom has its own electric field, and when you put two atoms close together, they can bond with the electric field of the other. That makes every cell in our bodies fluctuate invisible magnetic forces by reacting to internal and external environments. Every signal in the brain, beat of the heart, and breath filling the lungs contribute to the electromagnetic field. The fluctuations in magnetic fields can affect virtually every circuit in biological systems to a greater or lesser degree, with that said, there’s a potential to be healed or at least recovered by energy medicine.

Although I was born with a special gift in a Shaman family and was once told I had white purple aura, twenty something years later, I was still a skeptic.  Until I met my dear friend, a Holistic Life Coach who aims to spread universal love and healing around the world. Since then, he’s opened the door for me to go back to my natural self and healed my internal wounds. Surprisingly, since aligning with myself, I’ve been getting compliments on the innate glow that I have. 

His techniques include clairvoyance, past-life soul therapy, full spectrum rainbow light reiki, emotional healing at root cause, relationship healing and clearing of karmic ties, crystal reading and quantum activation positive energy flow to increase flow of abundance.  All healing leads people back to the organic-being that the person is meant to be. In addition, he creates vibrational jewellery and all natural essential oil body care to heighten one’s vibrations.

Conversation With Cliff Von Edge

  • Nicole : What is Energy Healing?
    Cliff Von Edge :
    Energy healing heals by flowing through the affected parts of the energy field (aura) and charging them with positive energy (frequency).  It raises the vibrational level of the energy field around the physical body. The concept of energy healing can be traced back several thousand years to ancient spiritual tradition of universal energy called prana.”
  • Nicole : The choices of energy healing or energy medicine are everywhere, how do they meet our physiological needs?
    Cliff Von Edge :
    All above methods are using the concept of charging a person with positive energy in order to heighten the vibrational frequency, so that the negative energy attached to the physical body will break apart or fall away.
  • Nicole : How do we know which one works best for us?
    Cliff Von Edge :
    I personally recommend a person to understand all the available healing methods, then you could decide based on which kind you resonate with.  Of course, the duration of each healing method and the cost varies from another.
  • Nicole : The reality is that we overwork and travel. Is there any simple techniques or actions that we can do during a lunch break or while waiting for our next flight?
    Cliff Von Edge :
    That’s a great question! I often get asked about this, too.  I would simply put on my headphones and play some good meditation music to harmonize my thoughts and body.

Visible Prove

Besides sound healing, Aura was on my "skeptical list".  We've heard about removing toxic people or surround yourself with positive ones, I couldn't wait to experiment how human affects each other's vibrations. I was lucky to walked into an event where there was an Aura Photo Booth.  So I gave it a try.

All I needed was placing my hand on a device without giving the staff my birthday or personal information.  As you can see the aura was in Violet + White category.  And as few days passed by, I invited my new friend to test it out while he challenged it was staged and my aura would change.

Turned out his aura was in blue and it was pretty much his personality.  I still remained to be under violet category, the only difference was I got a hint of blue due to having him being by my right side. As as you can see he got a hint of violet from me as well.

That simply shows that you absorb the vibe from the surrounding, including people.  If you haven't been removing toxic people, music, food, and often stay in low vibration.  You'll mostly likely change your energy into a quicksand.

Cellular Level

If you are still confused and not being convinced, think about when you meet a new person or reunite with an old friend, you could tell the vibe from that person and decide to continue to be friends or do business with. 

Here’s what taught by Dr. Bruce Lipton, a renowned American Cell Biologist who has been cultivating about Epigenetics and Mindfulness. He states there are over 150,000 different proteins to make up the human body. The proteins provide for the physical structure and functions which means we’re protein and energy. When two people meet, they become entangled with each other. This is how energy waves interact or cancel each other out just like the waves in water.

Photo : Osmond Stuido

Vibes mean vibration. All animals and plants communicate with vibration.  Vibrations change the proteins of the body. As the proteins give our structure and function, the vibrations are able to alter our health and biology.



Ancient wisdoms do apply to modern days. Being a skeptic means you are open and willing to experiment with the unknowns. I believe that just because something that hasn’t been Re-search (that is, looked at again) by science, doesn’t mean we should deny the existence of their healing power.  Healing journeys do take time, especially when finding the right one. With that said, let’s find one that resonates with you and start raising your own vibration/energy.


Research & Resource

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Science Of Heart

The Human Energy Field


Our Collective

Cliff Lee, Founder of Cliff Von Edge, a gifted Intuitive, Healer, and part of Noirstone Collectives, aims to bring healing information to our Noirstone Insiders.  He also host healing workshop in Four Seasons Hotels in Asia, as well as consult private clients.

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Dec 12, 2018
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