Wherever you live, whatever season hits, or types of skin tone that you have, sun protection is crucial.  A range of sun protection products on the market might not perform the way you desire, especially while conventional sunscreens are often packed with neural or endocrine disruptors, and non toxic, certain type of sunscreens often end up with white residue or peel off.  

I M P A C T   N E U R O + E N D O C R I N E   S Y S T E M

ADHD, allergies, autism spectrums, anxiety are on the rise.  As more data shows that genetic profile only plays 20% in the role while 80% are up to your lifestyle triggers, choosing what to apply on our largest organ - skin, is ultra important. The neurotoxins and endocrine distruptors can potentially get absorbed via skin, but also able to pass on the fetus through blood.

Simply put, topical solutions that your doctor prescribes to you utilize transdermal method to deliver the constituents from ointment to the other side of the skin. What contacts the skin barrier would be absorbed into the body, the blood, and the cells. It’s the same goes to the products that you place on your skin.

Hormones are able to cross the blood brain barrier in order to let the control center also known as the brain knows if your body works optimally. However, if hormones and the hormonal producing organs or glands get distrusted, not only the hormones, but also the neurotransmitters as well as vagus nerve system start a cascade of dysfunctions.

Brain fog, irritability, anxiety, suppressed immunity, eczema, dysbiosis and more would gradually show up as chronic inflammation.

O U R   C H O S E N   O N E S

After years of trying out different sunscreens in both tropical as well as northern latitude climates, we’ve selected our top non-toxic and both physical broad spectrum and chemical sunscreens that offer high performance, suitable for most skin tones, as well as both kids and adults with sensitive skin along sensory challenges.

  • Thrive Causemetics Sunproof 3-in-1 Invisible Priming Sunscreen SPF 37
    This lightweight chemical sunscreen works beautifully on most surface or texture of skin. It also reduces the flaky or peeling situation. It helps locking the hydration on skin surface while preventing the skin from drying out. It works on most dry, normal, and oily skin.
    The only down side is the size is quite small, hopefully they’ll bring larger size.
  • The Beauty Of Joseon Relief Sun : Rice + Probiotics (SPF 50 + PA ++++)
    Asian formulated sunscreens have always been known for its elegant texture and efficacy. It’s mostly because of the self care and beauty traditions. On top of it, Eastern Asian skin tends to be sensitive than other race. Hydration, moisturizing, and protection are the top priority of Asian skin care. This sunscreen is no doubt one of the most elegantly fourmlated sunscreen on the market. It contains fermented properties and help strengthen the skin barrier. I’ve been testing this right after applying Noirstone Essential Illuminate All-You-Need Serum. Not only works on teens but also the perfect sunscreen for dry+sensitive+mature skin type.
    The down side of this sunscreen is while it doesn’t show white cast on most skin tones, it will show some on ebony/dark skin.
  • Skin 1004 Madagascar Centella Hyalu-Cica Water-Fit Sun Serum (SPF 50 + PA ++++)
    If your chil(dren), teen(s), or yourself have a love and hate relationship with sunscreen due to its texture, this sunscreen would be perfect fit for you! This super lightweight hydrating sunscreen works very well on who have dry, normal, and even oily skin. It helps even out the oil secretion and smoothen out the skin. It also less likely to show white cast on darker skin. (NOTE : This sunscreen contains wheat and please swap to other sunscreen if topical wheat containing products trigger flareups)
  • Skinmedica Essential Defense Mineral Shield SPF 32 (Tinted)
    This lightweight tinted sunscreen works amazing and spreads evenly on post-procedure and sensitive skin.  The tint works for those who have light to light medium skin tones, so to match medium to darker complexion, add a drop of Drunk Elephant D-drop in the mix to give you a sheer glow as well as a shield from pollutants. This is my top choice and all time favorite, especially when dealing with unpleasant experience with skincare. The only down side for using mineral sunscreen tends to dry up my skin by the end of the day, so applying Noirstone Essentials Mother Touch Healing Cream prior to the use of this mineral sunscreen is ideal (and perfecto for me).
  • Supergoop Unseen Sunscreen SPF 40 | PA+++ 
    This lightweight, scentless, and reef-safe sunscreen not only invisible after application, but also works as a makeup-gripping primer which helps your makeup stay put.  It works great under high humidity or people with normal to oily skin in drier climates.
  • Suntegrity Natural Mineral Sunscreen For Body SPF 30
    This sunscreen is one of the pioneers in the modern natural sunscreen realm and still standing strong.  Tho, it’s labeled as body sunscreen and a little heavier, it’s unbelievably moisturizing and safe to be used on both face and body, especially on babies, little kids, and adults who have ultra sensitive skin.  It is a must have for those who enjoy outdoor activities all day long (or exposed in sun reflection from the ocean or snow).
  • Eleve Vitamin Sea Mineral Antioxidant Sunscreen SPF 28
    This award-winning, reef-safe sunscreen is packed with antioxidants and natural soothing scent.  Its creamy texture is easy and evenly to be spread over the skin.  It can be used as day cream which nourishes mature or dry skin while protecting you from sun damage.  The key to using this sunscreen is A Little Goes A Long Way! If you let it sits for 10 mins, you’d be surprised with its invisibility if you are a melanin sister.  On top of it, we love how the scent is so calming and overall power is so nourishing.  Althought this beauty is from Texas, we often use it during harsh Canadian winters, totally obsessed! 
  • Beautycounter Countersun Mineral Sunscreen
    Another award-winning luxurious, reef friendly, water resistant sunscreen works well on sensitive skin, kiddo skin, and melanin sisters.  Though, its texture seems thick, it's nourishing and easy to spread evently with limited white residue.  It works best with all skin types in both tropical and dry climates. It's a must have if you're into surfing, swiming, or snowboarding.


  • If your skin isn’t hydrated and moisturized properly, you might see the skin turn dulled or dried by late afternoon when incorporating mineral sunscreen.  In this case, apply heavier moisturizer such as night cream or Skin Need Rise/Set moirstorizer prior to sunscreen, it works beautifully throughout the day. (Email our team@noirstone.ltd for product inquary)
  • If you’re still anxious about the complexion, add a drop of Drunk Elephant D-drop in the mix to give you a sun kissed glow as well as a shield from pollutants.

The above content is for information only, for more bioindividual approaches, please contsult your medical or health provider.



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