Things may often go against our plans or get in the way, yet as we go through this growing pain and evolve. We realize pain, grief, traumas, mistakes, losses, rejections, discriminations, being misunderstood, gaslighted, or even karmic wounds were part of the ingredients that add an unique bite to our personalities and lives.

The subtle things that happen since our birth are the enhancement of what we can offer to our communities later in life.

“The explorer calls you out of your routine and into a rhythm with your deepest self and all that is around you.” - Cliff Von Edge

In 2017, I adopted the word “Noirstone” during a thought process and later turned it as a lifestyle brand in hope to help individuals with better consuming choices.

6 months after launching and gaining recognition, we got an offer to a place 7000+ miles up north.  Flying between Asia and North America while supporting the kiddos was devastating, taxing on our emotional well-being, and relationships with the family.

Living abroad wasn’t something new as growing up in a multicultural/ethnic family in multiple countries. However, being seen as a stereotypical migrant BIPOC female seeking to start a business in a foreign country was a completely different equation.

The 3 years of stay in the new city faced financial losses in business, without funding nor being able to run a business smoothly due to restrictions as a non-citizen. Even worse so, not only being seen as a dreamer with an unconventional business model but also being humiliated and told to roll back to the kitchen by a table of business professionals.

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When I started to doubt my own competence and question the universe about its signals, a flood of encouraging messages and heart warming conversations started to float to me.  They were either from Noirstone readers, customers, friends, colleagues, neighbours, or even random people that happened to appear at the right time.

Through them, I slowly discovered my roots by studying and analysing all of our common struggles, patterns, and heart’s desires. I slowly realized the divine plan was way bigger than I had assumed.  Little did I know the second project I seeked to start for the Neurodiverse community turned out to be the main core for Noirstone, a huge aha moment shone through every inch of my body.  

“Share wisdom is about the wisdom of experience. Our most potent medicine is born from the trials we have endured.” - Cliff Von Edge

After discussing with my partner, we decided to make another move and settle in Toronto. Spent another year channeling a cross cultural lineage of hearts, minds, and souls; embodying ancestral heritages, neurodiverse views, scientific knowledge, life & clinical experiences as one eco system.

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The 4 years of cocoon state seemed like a bitter stagnation, it actually was moving forward in a yin mode while the world focused on the yang. If we look back at our own journeys since birth, all the lessons, adversities, cultural conflicts, illnesses, traumas, as well as people that appeared in life for just a split second are all well connected events and make perfect sense.  

Perhaps, it’s what neuropsychology means by our brains picking up patterns that we’d like to see just like an innate algorithm,or a learning mechanism by higher power to help us understand how self-realisation and self-actualisation really work, in order to appreciate the power within us and cherish our paths even more so.

Photo : Noirstone (Content Copyright Reserved)

Today, I graduated from the previous cycle and am ready to share wisdom.
Proudly being an inherited medium in my family lineage;
A functional nutritionist, medical cannabist, herbalist, energy healer along with supplementary training in fundamentals in neuroscience and youth mental health;
A mother of a Straight A’s household (Asperger’s, Autism, ADHD, Anxiety);
An Asperger’s myself as a first person.

It indeed sounds overachieving and patting myself on the shoulder but the truth is it   shows how incredibly confused I was yet I was led to the lessons not just academically, but also in life were very well connected underneath the surface.

Noirstone was an idea started at kitchen counter and has now evolved as a family-owned company, an unique art dedicated to urban neurodiverse families to remove stigma and access the missing information;  To reconnect ourselves and move beyond the medicine cabinet with lifestyle micro-changes as well as self-empowerment all in one place.

“Just because it's a mystery doesn't mean there's an absence of meaning.” - Nightbirde

With that said, Our paths aren’t straight and wide. If they were, we wouldn’t know how to cherish what's been given to us and what we’ve worked so hard for.  Disappointments that we experience right now aren’t all losses.  

In order to adapt to this perspective, we need to understand that our own egos are one of the biggest things to get in our way. It is a very defensive structure and construct wall often held by the effort of fear and anxiety.

Ego overload can prevent us from moving forward and seeing the beautiful horizon.   Knowing rejection is divine protection which is here to prepare and redirect us to where we’re meant to be;  to help us emerge with something larger than ourselves and go across our egos.

As all things always are… It’s easier said than done and it might just take a while. We realize the pattern of our existence is revealed in the dance between matter and energy.  The past, present, and future are all in the essence of each moment in our living.

Have you connected the dots and seen the divine plan of your own yet?

P.S. Thanks to all Noirstone supporters who’ve shown your trust and support in the past which helps us continue to contribute, as well as thanks to the rejectors who’ve helped us to find another doorway to our path.



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