Oh Mojito!

Who doesn't love having some Caribbean vibe?
Before my health reset, I used to be a wine lover, 2 bottles of red wine down during dinner every evening or I was often seen with a glass of favorite shot in hands while eating out, I ended up tolling my own health with alcohol.

Staying sober takes time, especially when it comes to psychologically, having a glass of beverage in hand makes us feel better and blend well with others in any event.

After my gut was wrecked and started to deal all the bloating, reflux, constipation, along with Autoimmunity, I had to find something that heals my gut, boost immunity, but still able to let me enjoy every single moment while sipping what's in the glass.

Helps Debloat & Hydrate

Mocktails have been around for decades, and they aren't necessarily packed with sugary addictives if you know how to make it right.

If you're the one unable to digest greasy food, continuously burp after meals, or often suffer heartburn/reflux, you're most likely having Low Stomach Acid Syndrome. Your stomach needs to maintain low PH in order to digest food.

Your stomach acid helps to kill the pathogens / bacteria from food as well as acting like a door key, keeping the lower esophageal sphincter (or LES, a muscle that separates the esophagus from the stomach) closed so the acid from your stomach doesn't go back up.

Imagine the egg salad that's been sitting on the table for hours with bacteria grows under the room temperature before it enters your stomach. When you have low stomach acid, you won't be able to break down the egg salad and it'll be unable to pass into the small intestine quick enough. You then may start burping as the egg salad is fermenting in the stomach. In the end, the egg salad won't leave your stomach until the pH reaches a certain scale and sits in the stomach with all pathogens and bacteria for longer than it should. And this is not just for the egg salad, it applies on all food!

This Mockito not only a non-alcoholic drink that mimics your favorite shot, but is also packed with acid, electrolytes, blood sugar regulators, and helps you cool down if your buttons are actively being pushed by who installed them.


  • 1 Tbsp Pure Maple Syrup / Monk Fruit Sugar
  • 1 Tsp Cinnamon Powder
  • Pinch of Turmeric (if needed)
  • Mint Leaves ( Your Preference )
  • Pinch of Pink Salt ( or Celtic Salt )
  • 100ml Apple Cider Vinegar (or 4 Whole Lemon/ Lime Juice)
  • 450ml Distilled/Filtered Water
  • Crushed Ice/ Ice Cubes
  1. Add crushed ice at the bottom of the jug / glass.
  2. Add mint leaves, apple cider vinegar, salt, and cinnamon powder in the jug/glass.
  3. Pour pure maple syrup and distilled water in the jug/glass, mix well.
  4. Drink before a meal can help the stomach prepare for the incoming food



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