I believe we come to this life with purpose. Learn to be a better person through our life experiences, our talents, in order to serve the others, results in making a better world.  However, we are often blinded by distractions and emotional events, we forget how to listen to our souls, purposes, unable to pause and feel the moment that we are in.

Mr. Savvy

I got to meet a gentleman a few weeks ago and I name him Mr. Savvy. He’s a well-respected businessman, in his mid-60s, nicely groomed, in classy style yet pairing with smartwatch and tablet.

Attending the lunch meeting purely due to what my gut told me to and it was quite amusing. I ended up having a good time chatting, taking away a full bag of valuable knowledge, clarity, as well as advice from him.  I was amazed by how quick and up-to-date he was. He shared the life experience that created an unstoppable mindset, led him treating every single day as his last day, that allows him finding a way to utilize and fulfil each "last day" every single day.  Be selfish ( he originally meant:  "égoïste" which I interpreted as self-love in this case ) and places himself first is the way to self-care, resulting in “Be In The Moment”.

Be In The Moment

“Be In The Moment” sounds cliche, a difficult ritual to practice, and unsure what the beep has to do with anti-aging, especially when you’re in your 30s - 40s, however, it’s a quite evidence-based statement. Many studies, including Harvard as well as Yale University, have shown that a positive being and positive self-perception of age are the keys to make an impact on a slower aging process.

Besides being aware of what you put in and on the body, your thought is often the first component of a homeostatic control system.  It plays an important role as it triggers hormone secretion and cell response, in order to affect the function of the skin as well as body ( your appearance too! ).

It seems "Be in the moment" helps to reduce stress over the unknown and lower the stress hormone secretion.  Furthermore, aging isn't a one-day thing, chronic disease and aging take 20 years to form before appearing on the surface, it’s vital to start young on prepping pre-aging, menopause, and post-menopause.

Be Selfish | Put Yourself First

There is a substantial amount of unexpected events happen in our daily lives. Heavy weighted stress on both shoulders has become a daily must-have. I sometimes fall into the researcher’s tale ( which means when I research on Sleep, I ended up being sleep-deprived; I promote slow living, I ended up burying myself in more workload. )

Self-love definitely is essential in life.  It’s delightful having a reminder from a wiser, smarter, well-connected, experienced ( but not older at heart ) person to pull your thoughts back on track.  Learn to be aware of your surrounding, use meditation as a tool is also great for helping to take the moment on reflecting the mind.

Perhaps I’ll learn more from Mr. Savvy next time.



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