Everyone freaks out about missing out on the wellness party nowadays. We get distracted by information about "Big Pharma vs Big Farmer", often overloading our own cabinets with multi-vitamins and hundreds of products from various health food stores.  Our bodies get busier testing the perfect bottle. We, the busy urban tribe, desire the idea of slow living, however, our actions always take the opposite route like grabbing the latest pocket sized multi-purpose juicer and rushing out the door to the next thing.  

In this month edition of NS x A-Lister Interview, we chat with our A-Lister who’s a fun, fearless lady that believes in her intuition and vision while successfully translating the power of holistic healing to an enhancement in our fast paced living.  Her signature healing multi-supplement Catalyst Gold has gone world wide and been featured on Vogue, W Magazine, and Hong Kong Tatler. These golden nuggets not only leave us with no excuse to kick start our health journey, it also provides an open door for us to dig deeper in the purpose of being mindful.

Herbalore Founder, Medea Juhasz is here to discuss with us about how intuition and introspection help us move forward, define what luxury really stands for, and how it combines with spirituality as one.


NL | Nicole Lui @ NOIRSTONE
MJ | Medea Juhasz

  • NL | You’ve touched so many busy urban lives around the globe with your coaching and creation.  Bringing awareness to our health and breaking the bad habits while making it easier than before.  I’ve personally seen customers go from being skeptics to believers. How does this seeing and experiencing this change touch or affect you?
    MJ | I remember when I was going through my health crisis 17 years ago thinking, it has to have a greater reason why Western medicine stopped working and my health was suffering. I know now, I had to go through complex health issues to be able to heal myself and to help to heal others.

    Every positive feedback every testimonial brings me so much joy and endless gratitude.  I strongly believe, my mission on Earth is to reach out and capture an audience that normally wouldn't be open to traditional herbalism or holistic medicine.
  • NL | We’ve read a lot about your personal journey before the birth of Herbalore, however we know little about the process during the development. Would you mind sharing the most destructive / discouraging comment or moment that tried to derail you during the time of “Catalyst Gold in the making”?
    MJ | I'm lucky, because I cannot be discouraged easily; once I set my mind on something, I usually accomplish my goals, no matter what other people say around me. The biggest challenge about creating CG was finding the right lab to work with; a lab that would honor my specific requirements (non-GMO, gluten-free, vegan, no toxic fillers, binders and preservatives, etc... ) and also would be able to be 100% percent transparent about sourcing our ingredients.
    I probably interviewed 50 labs and most of them admitted working with GMO or toxic ingredients in some capacity. I have a very unusual complex formula, I was told it cannot be encapsulated without toxic fillers and preservatives. Let’s just say...I got laughed at and hung up on several times during my lab research… haha
  • NL | THAT is a true commitment there, so how did you come back from it?
    MJ | I always march to the beat of my own drum and never take no for an answer. It took several months, but I found an amazing lab/manufacturing facility, which I've been working with since.
Photography | A Wile Dove, Medea Juhasz
  • NL | As a busy NYC girl like our readers, how do you mute the city sounds in order to balance the work version and the inner peace version of you?
    MJ |
    I love living in New York City, I recently saw the Beastie Boys book tour and I could relate so much to Adam Horowitz saying "God bless the noise the rats and the roaches"... haha I think when you're a New Yorker you feed off the energy of the City; it makes me happy, keeps the “creative juices” flowing and inspires me every day. I lived in LA for a couple years and I hated it...
    I love my job, but to balance the (sometimes) 10 hour work days, I box every day and try to slow down to meditate and do a gratitude list at least once a day. I am really into Epsom salt baths and getting reflexology massages every other week.
Photography | Medea Juhasz
  • NL | You used to be in luxury fashion industry, what does luxury mean to you? And how do we combine that lifestyle while still remaining spiritual?
    MJ | I think you can enjoy luxury and be spiritual at the same time. To me, being spiritual means being a good human, true and authentic, talk the talk and walk the walk. Spirituality means doing the work and peeling off the layers of our soul while trying to be the highest version of ourselves.
    Trust me, I wish it was the 60s or the 70s, but we live in the 21st-century so you can talk the talk and walk the walk and still carry that Gucci bag.
  • NL | Fair Enough!  Now...... Gratitude, introspection, and intuition aren’t something that we learn at school. Probably not all parents even know how to show it to the next generation.  We’re blindsided by the surface that we see with our eyes, how do we retrain our mind and take action for better change?
    MJ |
    I think it's a very interesting question. I come from a typical new agey, spiritual upbringing, however I used to be the most unspiritual, ungrateful, non-wellness minded troubled soul when I was a teenager, always trying to rebel against my parents and society. I guess the universe had to slap me in the face, to wake me up, to get on this spiritual journey. I was always the person who needed to hit rock bottom make a change.
    I believe our karma and past lives affect our current life journey tremendously, we pick the players and we pick the game and sometimes the lessons take longer than we anticipated. If you are doing the work without any major life crisis, I think you can consider yourself lucky and blessed.
  • NL | How do you see our society changing a decade from now?
    MJ | I hope we will still be around... I really hope we will get away from our electronic devices and go "back to nature" a little. I hope to meat and dairy consumption decline. Also, I'm hoping to see more human interactions and less apps.        
  • NL | If you were to meet your younger self, what advice would you give her?
    MJ |
    I would tell her "It's all going to work out".  I would also introduce her to Human Design and let her read the description of the 6/2.
  • NL | That’s so good... have you considered publishing your book? C'mon I’ll be your first reader!
    MJ | I keep getting the same question lately... I definitely will at one point.
  • NL | What’s that one question you’d like to ask our NS Insiders?
    MJ |
    If you had to teach someone one thing, what would you teach?
    NL |
    Amazing! We’re glad not only to have the gold capsules, but also the true golden wisdom from you. Thank you!

M E D E A ' S   C H O I C E

| Snack(s) |
Organic raw macadamia nuts, organic dates, Juice Press Kale chips

| Drink(s) |
Beet juice (beet, lemon apple, chard, kale) with triple ginger shot

| Song Of The Month |
Marilyn Manson - Coma White

| Book(s) |
Only Love is Real by Brian Weiss, On The Road by Jack Kerouac

| Mentor(s) + Inspiration(s) |
Creative geniuses, artistic provocateurs like David Lynch, Warhol, Jonas Mekas, Dali, Harry Smith, Hermes Trismegistus, David Bowie, Jack Kerouac, Allen Ginsberg, John Lennon, etc

| Stress reliever(s)  |
Boxing at Overthrow NY

| That 1 Thing You Keep Telling Yourself |
Let Go and Let God

| Daily Routine |
I switch it around, but the past few days…
Warm lemon water, cashew milk latte with He Shou Wu and Reishi powder and 2 Catalyst Gold capsules, oil pulling while prayer/meditation/gratitude list, work
Afternoon: Work, raw vegan lunch with apple cider vinegar diluted in a large cup of water, work, boxing
Evening: Socializing, dinner, a little work… reading, epsom salt bath, dandelion tea reflection/meditation sleep


Jan 16, 2019
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