When we attend events, we often have our eyes trained on all the extravagant visuals or only the elements that quickly satisfy our natural tendencies. We usually disregard the subtle yet important activities that are behind the scenes driving the event. Delivering a top-class, unique, phenomenal event requires billions of brain cells working harmoniously. This means juggling every element from preparing floral concepts, gourmet dishes, music productions to the activities that don’t directly engage the attendees, such as logistical coordination, operational details, and backup plans. Managing this chaotic masterpiece can easily stress and tax any production team destroying any sense of health and happiness.

In this month’s NS Insider Interview, we get in touch with the Mastermind who started out with an exotic flower delivery company. She then successfully founded an award-winning event design company, Karla Conceptual Event Experiences, and followed that up with a vibrant holistic healing center, The Sacred Space - Karla Dascal. She’s here to talk about how she blends her highly skilled design, personal struggles, and unique vision into haute living that heals the body and soul.


NL | Nicole Lui @ NOIRSTONE
KD | Karla Dascal

  • NL | Karla you’ve been showing us how to live by visuals since you started your event design at the age of 21. How did early success affect you in life?
    KD | The event business is an extremely stressful industry. When I first started, I was coming from a place of fear. As time went on, that shifted to a place from love. Early success taught me invaluable lessons that propelled me forward. Within those lessons came the breakdowns but through the breakdowns came the breakthroughs.
  • NL | Due to your background, as the daughter of Charles Dascal, people usually have a misconception of an easy life.  What was the hardest thing for you overcome in order to break the stereotype?
    KD | The reality of karma. There is no amount of privilege that could save me from having to work through my karma.
  • NL | As you mentioned about breakthroughs, I personally agree with awakening and self love. What’s your suggestion for those who would like to experience that life change but are afraid of making that next step?
    KD | Awareness is key. Awareness of your thoughts, surrounding, and most importantly becoming aware of yourself. You can do this by asking a very simple question: Is this thought self love? As you shift, fear dissipates.
Photography | The Sacred Space, KLRPR
  • NL | You've created this place to cultivate awareness.  The Sacred Space project is a work of beauty. A combination of garden retreat, dancing, wellness events, along with a plant-based culinary school and restaurant. It’s an all-in-one place of healing. When you see people attending, how does that contribute to your daily healing and is that reward any different from you event design?
    KD | It is the most elevated experience for me when people have the opportunity to eat something organic and plant-based, or to attend a lecture. I believe one word or hearing one phrase that you resonate with can change your life.
  • NL | After being awakened and running a successful holistic healing center, what’s your perspective of “Luxury”? How do you live with luxury and retain that consciousness?
    KD | For me it is all about having a peace of mind. I retain consciousness by practicing mindfulness in everything I do. From the places that I seek, to being in nature, and being surrounded by high vibration and less toxicity.
  • NL | Spiritual awakening isn’t something that we learn at school. As a parent, how would you share your spiritual perspective to your next generation and remind them to take action for better change?
    KD | I believe in the power of leading by example. Kids observe everything we do and this molds their behavior. I see it every day with my own daughter. I include her in my healing journey. I also share with her my techniques and tools including awareness, like the foods we choose to put in our bodies, and lots of love.
  • NL | How do you see beauty and what’s your must have #selflove routine?
    KD | Being in nature is beauty.
    My self-love routine is all about my daily rituals which turn into practices. I wake up every morning and oil pull, make my celery juice, and walk outside in nature.  
  • NL | What’s your vision of change in our society a decade from now?
    KD | In the end, love will save us all.
  • NL | If you were to meet your younger self, what advice would you give her?
    KD | Cultivate more patience and come from a place of love not fear.
    NL |
    Can't agree more, Patience definitely is something that we miss in this fast paced world.  Thank you, Karla, for the wonderful insights, inspirations and continue bringing us refreshing cultivation.

K A R L A ' S   C H O I C E

| Snack(s) |
Stuffed spirulina vegan blue cheese olives from Plant Miami

| Drink(s) |
Iced Matcha Latte

| Song Of The Month |
Shallow - Lady Gaga & Bradley Cooper (from a Star is Born)

| Book(s) |
The Untethered Soul

| Mentor(s) + Inspiration(s) |
Sri Sri Ravi Shankar, Oprah, Marianne Williamson

| Stress reliever(s)  |
Sound therapy and nature

| That 1 Thing You Keep Telling Yourself |
Plants heal

| Daily Routine |
Oil pulling, walking outside, juicing, meditation.


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